Have you ever wanted to
write a children’s book?

To become a published author and have the benefits that come with it is not always easy, but Wendy Pfeffer can help show you the way.
Wendy is an award winning author of over 45 children’s books, published by major publishing houses in New York City, and has over 35 years of teaching experience.

This updated 6th edition of Writing Children’s Books: Getting Started, a home study course, is now on CD-Rom. It is not just another “how to” book for budding authors; rather, it is a course.

In this course Wendy relates her experiences and knowledge of writing children’s books. You are guided through the entire process of writing a book from generating the initial idea to developing characters, plotting your book and submitting the completed manuscript to a publisher. The course is designed to help you write all types of children’s books. Wendy has taught this course in adult schools and colleges. Several of her students have become published authors.

Writing Children’s Books: Getting Started has 27 chapters. Every chapter contains a topic to help you write better. Each chapter contains an audio lecture, spoken by Wendy, and workbook pages that correlate to the lecture in that particular chapter on the computer screen. You will listen to a lecture and then do a written assignment. COURSE SAMPLE

When Wendy started writing children’s books she found that there was much to learn about the craft of writing a book and there was so much more to learn to become published. She will share with you what she has learned and will take your writing to a higher level. This course will help jump start your career. Many of her 45 books are award winners, have sold almost one million copies, and have been translated into Spanish, Korean, and Chinese. You can learn to write successful books just as she has.

This is a very comprehensive course and will give you the knowledge you need to write successfully. If you want to become a published writer, buy Wendy’s course and start writing, writing, writing. Whether you are writing as a hobby, a career, or looking for a second income, this course can help you achieve your dreams.

The world is waiting for you. Let Wendy help make your dreams come true through this course. Writing Children’s Books: Getting Started is reasonably priced at $29.95 with free shipping.

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